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sadame_musouka's Journal

Sadame Musouka
20 January 1987
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  • Sadame Musouka
My name is Emily Kringle and overall I love anime. So many interesting people have shared their passions for the things they love at anime conventions, such as cosplay, ABJD and Gothic Lolita. I love to collect, but I just love so many different things it's hard to collect everything. I've recently become obsessed with collecting Pokemon merchandise again thanks to the PKMNCollectors Community here on LJ. I found out LJ is full of people who are probably more fanatical than I am about the merchandise they collect.

Speaking of which, here are some awesome icons for Pokemon I collect. Maybe I'll get some other ones for other things I collect. But then this page would be so long that even less people would read it than do read it now.

I collect Eeveelutions.Mmm LeafeonAbsol!!

Hopefully soon I will be able to post pictures of cute things I've collected over the years. I work for Eagle Anime, so I'm at anime conventions at least once a month and if there's anything you ever want me to keep my eye out for, please let me know =3

I am Eagle Anime's order filling manager for eBay and Amazon, so here are links to Eagle Anime's eBay and Amazon pages:
Eagle Anime for eBay | Eagle Anime for Amazon's Marketplace